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Legal Malpractice Insurance 

Today, the frequency of lawsuits are escalating and clients are finding new reasons to sue. Obtaining quality legal professional liability insurance at affordable rates is one of the most important decisions you will make as an attorney. You work hard running your practice and having the best liability insurance for your needs is essential to your financial and professional success. Legal Malpractice Insurance is provided in the form of a Claims Made Policy that covers monetary loss and expense of an insured attorney or law firm for legal liability in the rendering of professional services as defined by the policy. The policy also includes coverage for claims of unintended personal injury.

R.S. Gilmore Insurance Agency specialize in insurance for law firms and can offer the Insurance Plans attorneys need to protect themselves and their business against legal malpractice law suits. Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance are policies specifically written for, and targeted at, attorneys. The policies generally cover, as an “insured,” the named firm, individual attorneys, secretaries, clerks, bookkeepers, anyone employed by the firm and provides coverage if that person is doing some act identifiable as a professional service related to servicing a client.

Professional liability insurance policies provide insurance coverage for some but not all professional liability (malpractice) claims made against a lawyer. Most professional liability policies are written on a “claims-made” basis. This means that the insurance company providing the insurance has agreed to cover claims that are made against the lawyer during the term of the policy. In other words, the policy that applies to a particular claim is the policy that is in effect at the time the claim is presented to the insurance company with a demand for payment not the policy in effect when the lawyer’s alleged negligence or mistake took place. Insurance company can be required to pay on all claims made against the lawyer during the term of the policy. Attorneys Malpractice Insurance, the insured can not only select the amount of coverage desired, but also whether he wants the defense costs to be deducted from, or included within, the indemnification limits. For more information on Attorney Liability Insurance contact, R.S. Gilmore Insurance Agency at 508-699-7511 or fill out our online form above for your FREE Attorney Liability Insurance Quote today.

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